About California Ink & Cosmetic Beauty Salon

California Ink & Cosmetic Beauty Salon are two different destinations, under the same family. So, if you’re looking to decorate your body with a stunning tattoo, then California Ink is the place for you. However, if you need a little pampering and want to have your nails done or your eyelashes lifted, then our Cosmetic Salon welcomes you with open arms.
Whilst they are two different locations, California Ink & Cosmetic Beauty Salon are identical in their approach to customer care, cleanliness and quality. If you’re looking for a brand that will take good care of you in your quest for self-expression and beauty enhancement, then look no further.

About California Ink

California Ink is a brand-new tattoo studio boasting some of the finest and talented artists in the industry, working in a most clean and sterile environment. For us, there’s nothing more important than art and take great pride in being able to share that with people through the medium of tattooing.

Our artists are experienced in a wide variety of tattoo styles, so no matter what you want—whether it be tribal, trash polka, geometric or oriental—we have the skills to meet and exceed your expectations! Head over to our California Ink services page to check out the rest of our tattoo categories!

Over the years, there’s been a lot of horror stories about getting tattoos in South-East Asia, and a terrible stigma that suggests that studios located here have poor hygiene standards. Now, we cannot speak for other establishments, but one thing we can say is that we maintain the very best. Simply head over to our hygiene and health & safety standards page for more information on what you can expect. We’re confident in the fact that we are setting the bar very high!


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California Ink

About California Cosmetic Beauty Salon

California Cosmetic Beauty Salon is the sister shop to the tattoo studio, expanding the body art & beauty enhancement services with a wide range of cosmetic treatments. These cosmetic services include lash lifting, manicure & pedicures, hair dying & extensions, and so much more. Head over to our cosmetic services page for more information.
Again, hygiene and cleanliness are very important to us, as is the overall quality of the service that we provide. This is why we hire only the most talented technicians and put everyone through a rigorous training procedure to ensure that our exceptional standards are maintained at all times.
The moment you step into our salon, you’ll feel welcome and entirely at ease. We believe that receiving a beauty treatment should be equally as therapeutic and meditative as it is physically empowering. We want all of our clients to float out of our Salon looking and feeling like a million dollars!

Our Ethos

It’s our passion! To us, body art is a culture and a way of life. We love giving people a place where they can go and receive only the finest level of service so that they can feel confident walking out with a permanent body modification that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Welcome to California Ink & Cosmetics!