Which payment methods can I use?

At California Ink you can pay for your tattoo with Cash, Bank Transfer, Wise or Card

Do you accept walk-ins at Cali Ink?

We do accept walk-ins. That said, if you want the perfect artist for your chosen style of tattoo, we would highly recommend booking in advance. That way, we can allocate the most suitable artist to you.

Will my deposit be refundable?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on deposits. However, we are more than happy to offer you credit in store should you wish to reschedule your appointment.

How much will a tattoo cost?

Due to the large variety of tattoo styles that we offer, we don’t charge per hour, Instead we charge a ‘per job’ fee, depending on the size, style & complexity of the piece. So, if you’re interested in exploring our services further then contact us, let us know what you’re after and we’ll give you a free quote.

Is it going to hurt?

Yes! Though the degree of pain depends on the individual, tattoo placement, size & complexity of the piece. We would always advise opting for a smaller ‘trial piece’ for first timers to get a feel for it before going in with a large piece on a particularly painful part of your body (e.g., rib-cage, inner bicep).

What is the minimum age for getting a tattoo?

In the United States, only those aged 18 and over are legally allowed to get a tattoo. However, in Thailand and Bali, the legal minimum age is 18.

How long will my tattoo take to finish?

Again, this all comes down to the size and complexity of the piece that you’re after. For example, a scripture piece on your shoulder may take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour; whereas a full oriental back piece could take several 6-hour sittings. Simply contact us to discuss the designs that you have in mind and your artist will be able to give you an accurate forecast.

How soon will my tattoo heal?

The average time it takes for a tattoo to completely heal is approximately 2-3 weeks. That said, everyone is different. Some people are genetically prone to healing faster, while others with a clean diet & healthy lifestyle seem to find themselves on the shorter road to recovery. In any case, it shouldn’t take you too long at all, provided that you care for your tattoo properly.

How should I look after my new tattoo?

1 – First, you should let your tattoo breathe for two days. Following that, start applying the aftercare balm that we provide in our studio. However, you must avoid slathering your tattoo with too much balm as it may affect the overall quality of your tattoo.

2 – As your tattoo begins to heal it will peel and scab—DO NOT PICK IT! You must let your tattoo heal over properly.

3 – Avoid activities like swimming, sunbathing, using fake tan or shaving over the tattoo. You should also refrain from any overly strenuous activities that will cause you to sweat heavily.

Do you offer the traditional bamboo style tattoo?

We do indeed! We have several artists who specialise in this beautiful style.

Am I able to swim or shower afterwards?

1 – You are welcome to shower after an hour or so of leaving the bandage on, but you must not use any particularly fragrant soap. In addition to that, do not use a washcloth or loofa over the wound as it will affect the overall quality of your tattoo. Finally, air dry the tattoo.

2 – Under no circumstance should you go swimming in a pool or the ocean and neither should you bathe in a spa or tub for at least two weeks. If you really don’t want to miss out then ensure that you wrap your tattoo thoroughly using a waterproof material, and then clean it with anti-bacterial wash afterwards.

Where do you source your Ink from?

All of the ink pots that we use are vegan friendly and single use, sourced from the USA. For your peace of mind, we are more than happy to provide proof of purchase receipts with all SDS (safety data sheets).

Is it safe to get a tattoo done?

Absolutely! If you choose California Ink you’ll be coming to a reputable studio with the highest standards of hygiene, health & safety. We ensure that all recommended safety procedures are adhered to and offer our clients complete advice on how to care for their tattoo properly after the procedure. Of course, if you do have any medical conditions that we should be aware of, then you must be upfront and honest about them prior to your appointment.

When is the best time to get a tattoo?

1 – There’s never a better time to get a tattoo than the time that is right for you. You don’t have to wait for a certain time of year! However, as certain activities such as swimming, tanning and general exposure to harsh sunlight can be detrimental to the finished quality of your tattoo, it can’t hurt to avoid the summer.

2 – If you are in Phuket on holiday and planning on getting a tattoo, we would highly advise that you book your appointment towards the end of your vacation. That way, you’ll be able to swim and sunbathe until your hearts content without damaging your new tattoo.