California Ink Maintains the Highest Standard & Level of Hygiene

Here at California Ink, we take hygiene seriously. Besides customer satisfaction and the quality of our work, there’s nothing else quite as important to us than the cleanliness and overall appearance of our studios.

The whole point in getting a tattoo is to create a strong first impression and we aim to reflect that in all of our studios. From the outside, customers are blown away by our impeccably clean premises and when they set foot inside, that exceptional standard carries through.

It doesn’t matter where the store is located, we adhere to American Hygiene Standards, which are some of the strictest in the world. But for us, it comes easy, as there’s nothing more important when it comes to cosmetics and tattoos, than hygiene.

In addition to that, we exceed the Workplace Health & Safety Standards of America (WHS) and follow all OHS guidelines as set by the Professional Tattoo Association of America. This is to ensure that both our valued customers and employees are entirely comfortable, in a clean and safe environment.

Thorough cleaning & sanitisation, daily

When we boast exceptional hygiene, we really mean it! We don’t just give our studios a quick once-over at the end of the week, or a sweep and a dust in the morning; our studios are rigorously and thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis.

We also use medical grade sanitising spray between every single client, so you can be confident in the fact that when you sit down in the chair for your tattoo, there will be absolutely no traces of germs, sweat or any other potential contaminants—this includes all work surfaces & locations.

We are incredibly thorough in what we do, and now, it’s simply second nature to us.

Highly professional staff with impeccable personal hygiene

When hiring artists and technicians to work in our tattoo & cosmetic studios, we’re looking for so much more than talent. They could be the finest artist in the world, but unless they have impeccable personal hygiene, they’re not going to cut it.

All of our artists & technicians maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients at all times. They keep themselves clean & tidy, and religiously replace their single use gloves and wash their hands thoroughly after every encounter, whether it tattooing, body piercing, or general cosmetics.

In addition to that, our staff will take any steps necessary to ensure that you, the client, feel entirely comfortable before sitting down and proceeding with your tattoo or cosmetic procedure.


Sterilisation of equipment and tattoo/piercing placement areas

Before beginning any procedure, our tattoo artists & cosmetic technicians will clean the tattoo/piercing placement area. Following that, they will be cleaned with antiseptic skin cream to prevent infection. You will also receive clear instructions on how to maintain your fresh tattoo/piercing (as well as appropriate product recommendations) in order to ensure no further infection will occur, and to guarantee a flawless finish.

Our artists also place all ink into single use containers to prevent cross contamination. We only ever use single use applicators as well, so that we can guarantee that you’ll never encounter an applicator or needle that has been used on anyone else. They’re used once, and then safely disposed of immediately after the treatment.
If you have any questions regarding our health & safety or hygiene policies, then please feel free to contact us today. We will answer any questions that you might have and gladly set your mind at ease before booking you in for an appointment.

We promise that you’re in the safest hands at California Ink.