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At California Ink, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of incredible tattoo styles for our clients to choose from. We believe that the most profound and important thing about getting a tattoo, is self-expression, which is why we love to offer as many different customisation options as possible.


Whilst some people favour black and white tattoos, there’s something to be said about decorating your body with a detailed and colourful piece. Invest in an eye-popping piece of art that you’ll be proud to show off at any opportunity.


Geometric tattoos explore the art of sacred geometry, using lines to form geometric shapes, that come together to form even larger shapes and imagery. These tattoos can come in the form of leaves, lines, stars, and a host of many other varying patterns depending on your taste. For a truly clean and mesmerising display, we would highly recommend geometric.


Oriental tattoos celebrate the long and rich cultural tapestry upon which Asian culture has been built. Typical oriental tattoos include grand and colourful pieces that feature dragons, Samurai, and Koi Carp, to name a few. If you have a passion for Asian culture and would love to showcase that on your flesh with a glorious tribute, then Oriental is for you.


Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “circle”, and as such, Mandala tattoos are composed of symbols and shapes that gravitate from the center outwards in a stunning, circular display. These fascinating tattoos are meant to reflect the beauty in balance, perfection, and eternity.

Neo Traditional

Neo traditional tattoos are a fresh take on the classic style, favouring bold lines and realistic imagery for a modern vibe.

Rocky tattoo portrait


Immortalise your favourite people—whether they be artists, politicians, passed family members or friends—with a portrait in their honour.


Realism tattoos give you a very interesting opportunity to showcase your individuality by having hyper-realistic, 3D imagery on your flesh.


They say a picture paints a thousand words, but sometimes only a few words are needed. If that’s the case and you have a few chosen words to live by, have them imprinted on your body as a constant reminder. Script tattoos can be beautiful lyrics, birth-dates, religious prayers in a wide range of fonts and styles.


Traditional tattoos have a very distinct and recognisable style, favouring classic imagery that was used as tattoos grew in popularity in the West.


Chicano resembles fine art, combining realistic imagery with kinetic designs originating from the southern borders of California.


Tribal tattoos celebrate ancient tribal body art which was used to depict social status, certain rites of passage and many other forms of self-identification. Get in touch with your inner-warrior and express yourself with these classic patterns.


Water colour tattoos use subtle colour gradient and fade-out techniques to mimic the characteristics of a water colour painting. These colours typically accompany black and white imagery to bring them to live in a unique and interesting manner.

Whatever it is that you’d like done, we are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations with artistic precision. Are you interested in booking an appointment with us? Perhaps you’d like to make an enquiry or to discuss a specific design that you’d like made. Simply contact us today and we can get the ball rolling!